Comforting our children during the Coronavirus

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Donate to provide stability and comfort to children and families in these uncertain times.

Due to the government-imposed safety restrictions hindering our after school program, it is extremely important that we continue to engage our children and support their growth remotely. Best of the Batch Foundation addresses food insecurity, personal hygiene concerns, and educational disruption through the hand-delivery of our “Comfort in a Basket” to household porches. These care packages are a condensed version of the services we provide to our children during their out of school time, including Grub Time after school meals, Homework Club, Tutoring, STEAM Club, and Girl Talk.

Each “Comfort in a Basket” contains a variety of shelf stable pantry items for the entire household to utilize. While the schools and food pantries in the area providing meals are an amazing help, for certain families, the food does not stretch far enough as there may be additional children and adults taking refuge in their household. Providing additional pantry items provides stability to families that they may not have otherwise. For some added fun and comfort for the kids, we also stock the bag full of their favorite snacks and treats.

"Comfort in a Basket" contains academic resources and activities that are individualized to meet each child's scholastic level. Each child receives a grade level-specific educational workbook, spiral bound notebook, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, a canvas, and a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) project kit. The ultimate goal is to ensure children are staying engaged and do not lose valuable academic skills while they are not physically in the classroom.

Additionally, each basket provides families with the necessary tools to maintain a safe and hygienic household with items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, dish and hand soap, deodorant, tissues, garbage bags, washcloths, towels, baby wipes, and more! In a time where personal hygiene is at an utmost importance but store shelves are bare of the necessities, receiving these items through "Comfort in a Basket" provides safety to families.

Best of the Batch Foundation was founded in 1999 by former Steelers Quarterback Charlie Batch to give back to his hometown of Homestead, PA. Best of the Batch Foundation offers over 12 educational programs to school aged children, annually serving over 3,800 children and their families over 8 Western Pennsylvania counties.

BUT- in order to make "Comfort in a Basket" we need your support! Please donate today!